Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V
Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V

[Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Month series.

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gapo666 08/02/2008

Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V : gapo666's user review

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I do not possde this guitar. But I saw a video in which a person possdant a Gibson Explorer Shred (even the characteristic V shred with the same Kahler tremolo) complain about the conduct of agreement. Indeed, why put a Floyd Rose vibrato type without blocking strings at the nut. Even the mcaniques lock will not be able to ensure holding of irreproachable agreement.


I possde all 3 guitars with Floyd (a Schaller, an Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo and ZR Ibanez) and a Fender Strat Plus (vibrato, nut and ball bearing mcaniques Schaller self-locking). 3 Floyd held against the marvel agreement for Fender forget acrobatics and dive bomb, holding agreement is far from being perfect.


I do not understand the Gibson policy. To my knowledge, all other brands quipent their Kahler tremolo guitars (BC Rich, ESP / Ltd ...), as quipent of a self-locking nut.


I think the only benefits of this type of self-locking nut without vibrato are:
- That vibrato is readily convertible to fixed bridge
- Many rglages proposed by the Easel notament the possibit of rgler chord height for each string, which is not the case of Floyd and tune-o-matic bridges
Here is the link for the video which I have spoken above