Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V
Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V

[Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Month series.

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manu80 02/08/2010

Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V : manu80's user review


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Made in the USA, Series guitar boundary of the Month
Kahler bridge, very flexible to use, but not blocking Mecas, damage.
Handle ebony, black mark. Pleasant enough and very broad
22 frets, 2 EMG 85
1 volume, 1 Tone switch 2 position.
Thick paint you feel that AC held a long time.
I'm not a crazy gibson but the cot while the black beast super seduced me.
8, as very well finished but not for mechanical locking vibrato So we dive or other desaccorde.dommage ca.


Channel quite round, very large and nice.
It is a V so it's better debout.Bien sitting balance but also playable. You just have to be careful:)
The handle slides well, the paint does not stick too.
Micro well give this even if there 's COT EMG cold and I would prefer a term duncan Blackouts, which I find much more warm and alive. Anyway it is not for the bagpipe, but in his clear, the neck pickup is nice, disto, ca hard and it sure did.


I play on a Randall KH75, it goes very well, more distortion, MXR dime or Vai Jemini, She defends well.
As everyone knows the EMG mias have limitations for metal guitar is very bien.Il can add mechanical blocking, but at the risk of messing up the guitar a bit, I lock. I have another guitar with floyd, we will win very much.
Note however that the Kahler is much more pleasant to use that floyd.
Also note the Peita cavity for the battery, easy access


I've since August 2009, I am furious when I go out because of el'etui put a guitar in a black leather case has Plüsch white top, it is not a very clean guitar, but hey, this is my first and probably only Gibson but she tap into the eye. After I do not think gibson guitars better than others but bon.un bit expensive (1400 euros, the original at a price), to redo I do not know it was more a whim purchase. Anyway, it weighs, AC is sending the potato and it's all over so that fits me;)