Jackson PS3 Rhoads
Jackson PS3 Rhoads

PS3 Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

ryuusukekun 04/25/2009

Jackson PS3 Rhoads : ryuusukekun's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a 22-japanese guitar frets for me my microphone is amended and are déormais the emg-esp of the Kirk Hammett signature ltd therefore my opinion on this point does not affect original microphone, but the pattern remains the same two micro double with two volume and one tone knob and the three position switch type gibson who is also well placed.
The bridge is a fixed bridge and string through the body.


An important point is a jackson so the handle is very fine, very nice played the access to corect is not too acute gene despite a handle screwed Heelcushion the gene does not really. It is a very light guitar easy to wear. In terms of form it is a randy roads if you do not like V-type guitars go your way if you do plan to play seated cable jack was taken with one end bent as it must once sat wedged V in his thigh and a jack in classiqe out right for the game is annoying and causes a deterioration of the cable. The sound is easy, can be mounted pull cord element without making any special adjustments thanks to the fixed bridge, so the string tension is chosen by the guitarist and his comfort level playing


I play metal and micro being replaced it is very suitable bridge pickup sounds allow a sustained rhythm and tuning dark (for me tuning in C you only need to put the right string gauges) but remains well defined and quite transhant. Regarding my neck pickup tone with a rule severe, undistorted sound is round and hot, which allows a small versatile nonetheless. As for the two régalge MicroX same time the power is to go but loses its cleanliness. The style is also, adapted to the metal due to its aggressiveness. I play with a peavey studio pro 112 that I do not use the otherwise clean j'utilis of distortion effects pedals (see my sheet of material) I also use corus pedal, a whammy wah-wah and more.
I love the riff powerful, clear as dark but also chaining dark very fast.


I was for some days but I already spend much time on it and is already done one repetition with other musicians. the feature I like most is the smoothness of the handle and the ability to offer a warm thanks to the neck pickup. the feature I like least is the fear of losing the belt given the position of the bindings in particular placed BEHIND the neck until this is no accident I said. Deusième feature I like least frailité the peaks of V has to take great care to maintain the aesthetics of the guitar.
value for money is good given the performance that ansi investment that is not so concéquent. For now experience with this guitar because my lack cella is only one day but let say that for the moment I do not regret my choice