Jackson KE3R Kelly Reverse
Jackson KE3R Kelly Reverse
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MGR/Anonymous 06/26/2001

Jackson KE3R Kelly Reverse : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this guitar a year ago from a dealer in missouri. I paid $640 and feel that is was a good investment. I bought beccause it played well and was beautiful.

First of all I must say that this guitar is absolutely gorgeous. It's got an alder body with a quilted maple top and is painted a transparent blue. That coupled with a Rock maple neck, makes this the cat's pajamas my friend. But that ain't all....
She plays so well it's got a superfast wide neck with jumbo frets and is built for speed from the ground up. It's JT580lp tremolo is perfect for every thing from squeeling and popping to subtle accents.
The stock DUncan designed hb102 and hb103 humbuckers have a really wide range and really break through the wall.

Well the paint job may be pretty but it isn't durable and can't handle the bumps and knicks of everyday life. The tremolo is a pain in the neck to tune, even if it does keep it in tune very well. I also cannot put a D tuna on it due to the Floyd Rose II similarity in the Jt580 tremolo's. Customer service has yet to respond to any of my inquiries on warranties or the make of my guitar.

Very sturdy and durable. Paint job is weak but looks nice. Tuners seem durable and the neck is a rock. I could probably gig without back up. but I don't. overall the quality is very good.

Top to bottom this is a nice guitar. It's sound and look however are centered to metal but i'm sure you could squeeze anything out of it. I give the guitar an 8 and 3/4 out of 10 and that is damn good.

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