Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

RR3 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

Disaye 01/03/2009

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads : Disaye's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
-22 Frets
Seymour Duncan Pickups,
-Floyd Rose Bridge (the flat ..)
-1 3 position selector, 2 tone knobs, 1 volume


The neck is thin and very nice, but quite difficult to access last two boxes, but one gets to ..

It is also very light (about 4 pounds I think) is quite nice to play up!
In terms of form, it remains to both its strengths and weaknesses, the shape is very beautiful, one can not help but put a strap and see what it looks like with, a really nice guitar, but it stings the nose a lot: two solutions possible, have a strap that hangs the clothes, or to add a mieu fixed the strap behind the neck rather than next

The weak point of the form is that beacoup people (like me), bought this guitar more for form than for its .. the error is ... sitting position to play (once acquired course) is quite comfortable (especially for a solo) but when playing on the bass, it is immediately less enjoyable, it quickly becomes tiresome for the left arm and back also .. (but back pain depends your position too, if you stand right it goes ..) but nothing "really" annoying, do not bother beacoup this problem is far from the principal of such scratches ..

And we will approach the single (very large) weak point of the guitar to my taste: the FLOYD

I warn you right away and I lie to us: the floyd is very very boring ... boring, I'm a regular at the big drop (I go regularly from standard to drop C). And as you say I deeply regret having chosen this guitar as the first electric guitar, the floyd is the worst enemy of the regulars drop ... Why you ask? Well it's simple:

-The floyd, once accustomed to tuning, he wants to stay there, get him used to a different tuning, it is very dificil, if we go from standard to drop C, once your rope relaxed, it will tighten all alone , mechanics will not turn any one course, is the only floyd and floyd who is going to tighten, so you can relax your rope, it tightens, you redétendez .. and so on until the floyd is used ... but the worst is when do we go from the standard, the cord will relax and you will have to tighten the several times, as you say that a rope is not that the tender has to play / relax, dun so after time his case, you will say I am unlucky, but my first 2 weeks but with this guitar, cost me three floyd high E string, ie the I'm broke, I hate that I have 5 strings on my guitar because of this *** to put a floyd the con, and I would even give me more to do ..

The solution: If you really want to have this guitar, do not take it in first guitar, buy a cheaper forward with a good amp (I recommend an Ibanez GRG CORTVX2X or (in total neutrality vis a vis my tastes. .) for example ..) and buy the one after, put in one to do, for a standard, so you do not have to change tuning ... all tell you that I am already eager to be a Christmas 2009 for my ibanez GRG ...


This guitar is perfectly suited to my style of music
I play on a VOXAD30VT, I play metalcore / death / heavy / thrash metal and this guitar is a great sound out for these kind of music .. you can even play rock / hard rock amp if your permit!

The distortion with this guitar is a wake the dead, she is really good, I am very satisfied on this point!

As against the clean .. very disappointed by it against .. .. not too bad but I expected a better now what!


I use it now for 1 month


The handle
The distortion
The shape
The weight

The -

THE FLOYD (I cut him off a 3 point because of the floyd because it has really caused the problem .. pity it was his only flaw ..)
the form

Before buying this guitar, I tried the RX10D (which I definitely recommend a person ..) VX2X the cort, ibanez GRG and the BC Rich Bronze Warlock

Satisfactory value for money
With m'experience, I will not repeat that choice for now, I chilled on the other hand if I had one already before electric guitar again!