Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

RR3 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

Tritt 06/15/2007

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads : Tritt's user review


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- Guitar made in Japan
nothing special to add.

- Look
to die for, this guitar is beautiful, as soon as I saw in the window I could not resist. It is crimson red and has no pickguard (and that's good I think it's ugly). The chrome hardware is beautiful, it is even engraved on the inside, not really there's no shit in Jackson are masters in design.

- 2 humbuckers Seymour Duncan "designed"
a real shit these microphones are a disgrace to the brand Seymour Duncan, the sound is dirty and cold, I quickly rushed to exchange them against a kit EMG 81 / 85 which, really pierces your ass. After I may be unlucky because on other criticism of this guitar has some genuine Seymour Duncan which obviously changes everything.

- Floyd Jackson
Then I siterais no names but I saw a review on something like "yeah the floyd is not bad too I m'exite dessu and sometimes it takes the agreement." Frankly, this thing is crap, it is likely the same for all Floyds at least those that price (yes I am perhaps a ignard but I give my honest opinion). No but honestly, have a floyd is great in principle, I am the first to play with but does not agree so it spoils all the fun obtained during its use ... Furthermore, having a guitar made for metal and more able to change tuning without having to open it. That's why I'm as eager to block> 8D, and is the ultimate foot, I can always make the dive bomb but pull back so I do not care what his Disagree

- A single knob for volume
Yes, a single knob AND ITS JUST VERY WELL.

- 22 round boxes screwed.


- 22 round boxes screwed
It took me some time to reach me up with the saw teeth but now it's really niquel. The neck is very thin, very fast and very nice, unfortunately the damage access to the latest box is really limited ... because the main bump on the tip of the handle as it is not hollowed out like a RR1 at this time and frankly it's pretty boring but hey, we get used to it ... I wish I had 24 boxes too, but hey, it already looks a bit with 22 I dare imagine with 24 ^. ^ '


- Style of music
I play metal of all kinds, but mostly i like to do like everybody solos masturbage handle, and with this guitar since I turned the microphones of shit I take my foot completely>: D.

- I play on a TonePort UX2 (external sound card special Line 6) and that's exactly what I wanted, really perfect sound we all seek in vain. Before I played on a line 6 amp and a ubermetal and it was not bad at all either.

- I like the heavy rhythm and effective (hence the micro EMG 81) solos and sweeping clean and well rounded (thus the cut 81/85)


I use it for 2 years, I am a little harsh on the criticism but it's really a beautiful instrument.
I love its look and cofortable gaming
Before I had a Peavy pourrave, what a change!
The value for money would be interresting if it was mounted with real Seymour Duncan!
With the experience I would do so this choice without hesitation.