Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

RR5 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

wildchild_ 01/20/2006

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads : wildchild_'s user review


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Superb violin
Model Japan
22 frets
tunamatic easel
2 volumes + tonalitbr /> driver maple neck (through), alder body, 2 microphones seymiour duncan sh4, 3 position selector, a mechanical oil bath
Nothing to say it is beautifully done, and I know if it's worth knowing that for USA the finish is superb, no complaints!
(Maybe a little high ropes but it will rule!)


Channel Hyper nice, fine, fast, does not stick to your fingers!
access to the treble is so easy with a little practice (an hour or two out of nikel bends (jen will talk beautiful bend after)!
Level impeccable weight, it is neither gadget, nor too heavy, it looks no cot and stays in place.

Its level, it is obtained very easily, unless you too not know the system from position 2 (between the two microphones) which is very effective especially in his clear, THE sound in about 15 sec can be achieved. It's not very difficil enormously out of this guitar sounds GOOD!


It covient PARFATEMENT my style of music, and even to others!
I play with a Vortex H & K and it sounds really good !!!
I get quite a clear round (amp!) and between fat and heavy, I can get the sounds !!! even if the sound is not very fat (amp!), with a lamp jobtient has all kinds of sounds, and all sound really good!

In serious: although brutal rhythm Grosse, we know why the beast has made t !!! not to say it sounds!

The treble is out of bends crazy !!! the guitar face like crazy in the treble, it comes easily to me ^ m large palmut everywhere!
the boxes are nikels because the 12th is below the elbow, no need to do stunts !!!
not to say this guitar is really a pure marvel especially for the price !!!
jadore sonorits all, it's pretty clear nan ???


I use it makes about 8 months and it amazes me every day!
Jaime everything about this guitar, I have tried a lot of models before acquiring (Horizon, which also sounds good, PRS tremonti (beubeu ^^), Warlock BC Rich, etc .... and that is that I like THIS skyscraper the +!
Quelit report new price a bit expensive (1400 in Paris), but I got it in OCCAZ 650 then this is perfect !!!
I remake that choice about 20 000 times if I asked!

= Look over hell, His huge plain as saturation, weight, violin, etc ...
less = new price, which is removed by painting plates (small plates eh!), and the tips that tap anywhere if we do not atention, but it's just a matter of attention and do not buy this guitar if it is to yell it abyss, just a little attention and fair gonna nikel!