le-pharmacien 06/29/2005

Jackson KVX10 King V : le-pharmacien's user review


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Manufacturing japanese pretty good but the model type flying V, Randy Rhoads and Kelly is still very fragile. The neck has 24 frets the neck is pretty fast when you want to tackle a shred of this model was on a 5-position selector knob and 2 tone and one volume of the pickups are duncan design at its close enough of true, yes the duncan design are only copies and does not produce the true sound of seymour for who want to make a micro and a classic 13 sh 59 'will be perfect for a hard heavy sound perfectly appropriate in the form of the guitar
the bridge is actually a very boring when Pink Floyd wants to change tuning
but changing strings is very fast


The guitar is very ergonomike when playing standing, it is biensur imposssible to play sitting each access to acute at times can be quite sporty but so used to the time the sound is very good for a guitar of this price I use on a mesa boogie triple rectified and I can, to ensure we do not feel the difference with a guitar more upscale (or very little).


This guitar is for rock, heavy, trash, and any other style can be quite aggressive without a problem obtaining enough crunch, bluesy, set the gain of the amp and the bottom is the sound that hard 'we play on this guitar mesa or marshall dechire really all.
The clean sound is pretty nice for a guitar hard Avoid playing with the bridge pickup because the sound saturates easily clean in the neck pickup is beautiful in its clean and the bridge pickup delivers a very specific saturation very very very very good its


I use a model in the same range with the same characteristics, the charm of the guitar comes recess shape, but this guitar still has the mouth and it sounds I try baucoup other hard guitar BC Rich , LTD, Ibanez, and I must say that it is in Jackson found a real instrument at a reasonable price but the quality excelenteje remake this choice without really hesitate