Jackson WRXT Warrior
Jackson WRXT Warrior

WRXT Warrior, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the X series.

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alex-sonic 05/18/2009

Jackson WRXT Warrior : alex-sonic's user review


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Then the character have already been given above I do not return


- Handle very pleasant while it slide perfectly.
I have not tested a lot of scratches but the highs are quite difficult to access if you want to play quickly (from the 20th-21th box I would say ...)

- In terms of weight, not too much trouble, I play Repeat 'for 3 hours and I've never complained;) in the form bah I can say it has made them envious: D

- If the sound level is obtained relatively easily so the sound you want.


I play metal so it is suitable for my style, but I think the pickups seymour are not good at all for ... The overdrive sound is very very cold when I play on an amp Randall RG 50 TC, I am obliged to force a distortion pedal ...
In short I intend to put EMG 81/85 and it should do the trick.
on the other hand in having clean it sounds pretty good!
I put a generous 7


I've had a year and I do not think about me once separate my new pickups installed (except if I win the lottery maybe XD)

What I like most is its shape really makes guitar metal handle as nice

What I like least is the tuning, the floyd, it tends to move a lot and it takes them back to 3 / 4 times before being granted well ...
Then the microphones that spoil everything ...
Again I put 7.