Jackson WRXT Warrior
Jackson WRXT Warrior

WRXT Warrior, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the X series.

nazdak 09/15/2005

Jackson WRXT Warrior : nazdak's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A guitar nag??
But no ... (actually if a bit)
She is Japanese-made, but the finish is not necessarily his forte.
There are 24 frets (some gossips say it's useless but good)
The pickups are Duncan Designed T104, the humbucker, so that t designed by Seymour Duncan. You can really just play with his microphone (very good clean sounds), can be a little runny in saturated but hey, that price, not bad at all c ...
The bridge is a floyd (true) so guaranteed life
There is one volume, one tone and a 3 position selector (the only thing shame: no way to split the pickups).
The handle is rather flat end, and trs is enjoyable (at least for me, it's like an extension of my hand ..... ^ ^


As I said above, the handle is enjoyable trs.
The latest are also easily accessible than the first.
The guitar is a bit heavy for frail artists ^ ^. So be sure to avoid putting the strap and hardware (nails, spikes, and trinkets on the strap, even if it is "trash", as choosing a comfortable leather strap, large enough to avoid back pain APRS 1 hour of play)
The rgonomie is rather good for a guitar of this form, you can play sitting without problem, but it is not the first use of this guitar.
Well, I play all the knobs and rglages background, I did on my amp (with a laney prampli lamp) and a distortion of pedals.


You can do anything with this guitar (with c on the form, you can have a priori, but I almost feel it sounds better now its clear that saturated)
While the black blues mtal (must be his first job: the metal)
Then everyone's tastes, it is on, a surprise ca blues guitarist with the guitar but ...


I use it for 1 year.
What I like most about this guitar is Obviously the shape and sound: I did not want to have the same guitar that everyone, a form Start, tele or les paul, I wanted something original, but that is not made of wood cajete and has a beautiful sound.
In my opinion, this price is the best compromise between agressivit shapes and beauty of sound.
In fact I tried a lot of scratch forms abroad, before falling on the one, and Jackson has chosen the name of the color "dark blue metal" because it is exactly that, a pretty blue m talique but not the fender light blue, deep blue, which adds another key to this guitar. (I have not seen any guitar that color)
The report price is good quality. and if you have the rabble, change the pickups (with EMG or Duncan) even if it is not necessarily.
With experience, I think I do it again the choice.