LTD V-200
LTD V-200

V-200, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard V series.

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Marmotte666 04/12/2009

LTD V-200 : Marmotte666's user review


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This is a flying V guitar metal type with the following characteristics:
- Agathis body.
- Bolt, 24 frets maple.
- Rosewood Fingerboard, Jumbo Frets.
- Milestones by "dot" pearl inlaid with model name at 12th fret.
- 2 micros ESP LH-300.
- Mechanical oil bath.
- Chrome hardware.
- 2 volume controls and 1 tone control,


First good surprise, the handle is a delight to play with jumbo frets, riffs out with ease. The weight of the instrument is reasonable, it can play a good hour without suffering from the shoulder. In terms of balance is another matter, the head pointing down as soon as we loose, we can solve this problem by wedging the body of the guitar against his leg, but it remains fairly natural.


Although they are passive, the two microphones is no shortage of potatoes, it is clearly in a configuration designed to send the sauce with big distos. I opted for a D tuning with a 15W Peavy amp Vypyr and it is a pure happiness at this level I'm thrilled! I use little clear sound, it's still quite playable, but it does not register targeted by this instrument.


I own this guitar for over a year, I tend to play less and less, mainly because of the questionable ergonomics related to its shape. The finish could be better for a guitar that is still worth over 400 euros, the body is an assembly of 3 pieces of wood, the main (in the continuity of the handle) is thicker than the other two, not terrible ...
That said the sound is very good for heavy game at this level you will not be disappointed.