LTD V-200
LTD V-200

V-200, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard V series.

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Bretteus 09/13/2011

LTD V-200 : Bretteus's user review

«  Only metal »

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- Corps agathis V-shaped (inspired by the signing of Dave Mustaine) black
- Bolt-on maple
- 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, mark boxes with point and model name in the box 12 °
- Pickups ESP LH-300
- 2 volumes, a 3-position selector, 1 tone
- Black plate with white outline
- Input jack on the horn from the top, near the attachment strap


The use is really striking! It is very nice and the handle is comfortable. I had it in hand without time to adapt.
Thanks to this V-shape, access to acute no problem against the material.
Head a little picnic as it is not equalized by weight, but the form can hold it in place by putting his leg in the V.
The biggest problem that I found as many guitars, the position of the volume. It is too close to the transition from my hands when I play. Either I cut the volume, I hit the little finger.


The pickups are probably very good for metal, favorite style of guitar. But it is nothing to what would be blues, jazz and funk. Without distortion, I did not find any personality. Yet I tried it on different amps (Peavey, Marshmall, Fender).
Although unsatisfied for his plain, it is a pure delight in punchy distortion for metal and metal core.
I think it would be interesting to change the pickups for Bill Lawrence L-500, or EMG 81/85, see HZ ALX, to increase its range of sound.


I used it for 2 years, but not useful in my groups, I sold € 230.
I loved him so much for its playability, but was very disappointed with the sound (for € 500, they could have put EMG HZ at least!)
The value for money is bad, because to suit me, it would change the pickups.
I can do it again this election if I found the opportunity to change the electronic