Reverend Volcano
Reverend Volcano

Volcano, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Reverend in the Volcano series.

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Tercio 07/20/2010

Reverend Volcano : Tercio's user review


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Channel 22 frets glued.

Two humbuckers brand manufacturer.

Three knobs: volume, tone, contour (knob specific Reverend, he acts including the harmonic richness and is very complementary to knob tone)


Despite its size (slightly larger than a Gibson Flying V), this guitar is rather light and well balanced.

The handle is very comfortable to take charge. It has the feel of a vintage guitar that wants rather than modern. The round neck is less than a Gibson than a Fender neck. In any case, not a shredder to handle.

From the shape of the guitar, access to acute is easy.

The tone and contour knobs associated with two quality microphones (rather aggressive and rich harmonic for the bridge, round the neck) allow a wide range of sounds.


I play in a style 70ies hard and I associate this guitar to a Vox AC15-CC1, a pedal Blackstar HT-Dist, and a wah-wah Cry Baby Zakk Wylde. I play with her rather rich medium. I'll make it short, I'm in love with my sound! It is perfect for playing hendrix riffs. The clean sounds are not to be outdone.


I use it for 1 year.

This guitar has an exceptional value. I do not hesitate a second to say it holds a candle to my Fender Telecaster HH worth 50% more expensive. The only tricky point is that the brand is very Reverend distributed in France (Lille Broc'n'Roll is the only distributor to my knowledge).

I highly recommend this guitar.