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AcousticsampleS models a Gibson Humming

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AcousticSamples Sunbird
News AcousticSamples Sunbird

Virtual acoustic guitar from AcousticSamples

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AcousticsampleS chose a 1962 Gibson Humming acoustic guitar for its new sound library for the UVI Workstation.

Sunbird is a 8.16GB library (1.53GB in compressed lossless FLAC format) that features approximately 13 330 samples of this Gibson Humming guitar (with no less than 30 samples per fret on the 21 available frets, and all the strings evidently). The guitar was recorded with DPA and Neumann microphones as well as a contact mic and you can control them all in the GUI.


The guitar is mainly intended for strumming, but not only, for you’ll find 67 patterns for strumming, picking and other advanced playing styles. A strumming engine is also included, it can recognize chords and the different techniques and even includes full parameter control.  You’ll also find multiple velocity hammer on, pull off, slide up and down, mutes, ghost notes and pre-notes.

Sunbird also includes a song builder and a pattern builder, a natural hand placement simulation, an advanced bend control, a script for Legato (advanced UVI script features are also possible) as well as the SparkVerb reverb effect.

Sunbird is compatible with the UVI Workstation 2 and MOTU MachFive 3. It has a price of 119€ and you can listen to audio demos at www.acousticsamples.net/guitars/sunbird.


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