AcousticsampleS Sunbird
AcousticsampleS Sunbird

Sunbird, Virtual acoustic guitar from AcousticsampleS.

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For the next 12 days, VSTBuzz offers 50% off AcousticSamples' Sunbird virtual acoustic guitar for UVI Workstation.

For the next 12 days or so, AcousticSamples' Sunbird acoustic guitar is available at half price at Recorded with multiple mics for stereo and mono options as well as through the pickup for amp simulation, this modeling of a 1962 Gibson Hummingbird is said to potentially suit every style of music including  folk, pop, rock, acoustic, instrumental, underscore and more.

An 8GB acoustic guitar library built for the free UVI Workstation, this collection has been sampled with a wide range of articulations including:

  • all frets of all strings with upstrokes, downstrokes
  • round robins
  • releases
  • staccatos
  • mutes
  • palm mutes
  • hand blocks
  • slides
  • hammer ons and pull offs
  • retriggers
  • fretnoises
  • percussion and other articulations

It also features has 4 basic modes to choose from, which can be changed using the assigned keyswitches:

  • Solo Mode that allows to play melodies
  • Chord Mode for playing strums or picking
  • Patterns Mode that does all of the strumming or picking for you
  • MIDI Mode that allows you to use your favorite MIDI guitar controller

Normally sold for €129, AcousticSamples' Sunbird is now available for a limited time for €64.49 at

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