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H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Series v2

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H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Series v2
News H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Series v2

Virtual acoustic guitar from H.E. Audio

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H.E. Audio has announced that the Poetic Guitar Series has been updated to v2.0.

The three VSTi’s: PGL, PG8 and PGR add new samples and update features while retaining the basic function of v1.02 at the same time. New samples have been added to PGL and PG8 which are used in the strum function for classical guitar.


There is now a more direct panel in v2.0:

  • All the automation keys are white keys.
  • For chord or strum modes, no Keyswitch is needed to achieve a real guitar performance, the company says.
  • Two kinds of noises can be triggered automatically.
  • The ideal playing mode can be selected automatically along with velocity.
  • Also features automated sample circulation and setup of time and velocity.
  • This system can achieve these functions automatically according to users’ needs.

New Features:

  • New Strum System.
  • Strum keys: D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3 allow you to play the individual notes in the strum chord.
  • Humanizing setup of strum time: Alters the strum timing of each string; sixth string to first string or first string to sixth string.
  • Humanizing setup of velocity: Alters the velocity of each string when strummed.
  • Body resonance imitation and mute degree imitation: Press G#4 key to select long sustain or short sustain body resonance.
  • Animated display: authentic display of strum process.

New Strum SEQ System features:

  • Piano roll window panel: the rhythm and velocity of strum sequences can be edited and the completed rhythm can be played using only one key.
  • Users can switch between 8 user-defined rhythms at random.
  • SEQ play mode: Notes C3, C#3, D#3, F#3, G#3, A#3, C#4, D#4, selects the user-defined rhythm 1–8.
  • On the SEQ panel, live recording from external MIDI equipment can also be performed to define rhythms.
  • Individual rhythms or the rhythm library (8 rhythms as a group) can be saved or loaded.

More updates:

  • All buttons updated.
  • Automatic noise updated.
  • EQ effect updated.
  • All MIDI related buttons now support user-definable automation.
  • Sample loading image.
  • New program pre-sets.
  • New automation parameter modulation options.
  • Added volume adjustment for each sample set.
  • Humanizing of start time.


Users of Poetic Guitar v1.0 can update to v2.0 for free.

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