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Ilya Efimov Sound Production The Strum

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Ilya Efimov Sound Production The Strum!
News Ilya Efimov Sound Production The Strum!

Virtual acoustic guitar from Ilya Efimov Sound Production

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Ilya Efimov Sound Production has released new libraries for Kontakt called The Strum.

The Strum is a sample-based fully functional module to imitate guitar musical accompaniment. Each of 33 chord variations that can be recognized by the instrument has 4 positions. The library consists of 1584 TABs. TABs can be edited or created from scratch. Any chord can be created and saved inside the library or on HDD.

A Round Robin Chord system is used in the library. It is a system designed to help produce the replica of a strum chord. Altogether there are 320 for patterns, 240 of which are ready for access. Styles can edited or created from scratch.

Styles, patterns and chords can be saved inside the instrument or separately on HDD. For easy and fast switching between styles during working process patterns can be chosen and compiled into songs. Stereo Double track options imitate 2 guitars playing, and other settings to adjust the sound and style according to taste.



  • 2,633 samples, 1.8 GB (NCW Compression), 44.1 Hz 24-bit, stereo.
  • 14 velocity layers for each note
  • 17 frets on each string with round-robin.
  • Chord recognition from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
  • Automatic and manual Left Hand Playing Position Selection.
  • 30 techniques for chord strumming.
  • Auto and Manual strumming.
  • 250 factory and 70 custom patterns for auto strumming.
  • Pattern editing.
  • No limitations for chord tablature Editing.
  • Pattern, Chord and Effects Export\Import options.
  • Effects: Reverb, Compressor, EQ, Delay.
  • Double track options.
  • Different FX and Noises.


Price: €99


The Strum Nylon and The Strum Acoustic are available.

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