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MusicLab RealGuitar 3, RealStrat 3 & RealLPC 3

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MusicLab RealGuitar 3
News MusicLab RealGuitar 3

Virtual acoustic guitar from MusicLab

Public price: $249 incl. VAT

MusicLab has announced the release of versions 3.0 of their "Real instruments" range: RealGuitar 3, RealStrat 3 and RealLPC 3.

New in Version 3.0:

  • New GUIs.
  • Playable keys on virtual keyboard (mouse click).
  • Note names display on virtual fretboard.
  • Strokes, FX, Articulations display in the Info bar.
  • New MODES:
    • Joystick mode: The Struminator technology, including Smart Strum, Smart Strings, Color Tab modes let you create guitar accompaniment parts with realism and expression using alternative MIDI controllers (standard Guitar Hero game controller by Activision Inc.).
    • MIDI Guitar mode:
      • MIDI access to individual strings (6 channels->6 strings) with independent pitch bend control, and FX.
      • Guitar MIDI interface multi-channel support letting you use normal guitar via MIDI converter with RealGuitar/Strat/LPC.
  • Added chords: Sus2, Maj7/9, 6/9, m7/11.
  • User Chord Banks for chordal modes (edit/change factory chord fingerings).
  • Added switchable FXs/Articulations:
    • Tapping.
    • Legato.
    • String Select.
    • SlideUp (trigger) – triggers slide up FROM the playing note(s).
    • SlideDown (trigger) – triggers slide down FROM the playing note(s).
  • Modulation Wheel FX Switch.
  • Drop C (6th string lowest note).
  • MIDI CC11 Expression control support.
  • Full automation control for KeySwitch FXs via NRPN.
  • 64-bit VST3 support on Mac.
  • A lot of smaller improvements.

Also added to RealGuitar:

  • Virtual keyboard.
  • Expanded Repeat Key zones (left and right).
  • Expanded Key Switch range (similar Strat/LPC).
  • Key Switch Panel (similar Strat/LPC).
  • Pedal Switch between performance modes (Solo->Chords/Bass&Chord/Bass&Pick).
  • Lower and Higher Velocity FX individual boxes.
  • PitchBender Up and Down – individual settings and FXs.
  • Added Key/Pedal/Velocity switch FXs (up to 24).

Pricing & Availability

All three Real instruments are available for 32– and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X in stand-alone and VST2, VST3 (Mac only), and AU plug-in formats.

They cost $249 each and upgrades are $39 for one, $59 for two or $79 for all three (or $119 for the pack of three for customers who purchased Real Bundle during promotion from Jul 1 – Sep 5, 2012). Customers who purchased Real instruments during promotion from Dec 1, 2011, – Jul 1, 2012, will receive version 3.0 for free.

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