Native Instruments Alicia's Keys
Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

Alicia's Keys, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Native Instruments.

ssebs 04/10/2010

Native Instruments Alicia's Keys : ssebs's user review


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A disc for kontakt player in case you did not have the latest version, and another disc to the bookstore.
Conventional activation via the service center

Manual: enough, there's not tons of settings.

I have a recent computer: i7 920, win x64 and the library is installed on a SSD.
No problem with this config ample

I just got this virtual instrument, so these are my 1st feeling hot after playing an hour with:
- The sound is interesting because different galaxy pianos for example. Means that it is not a tail 36 feet long, but it is complementary to the tails together, because we then have a nice color. The low-medium Bluthner reminds me of Galaxy II. The bass is strong enough I think. The sound quality is much better than Akoustic (which I find cramped, lacking in life). To give an idea what kind of stamp, I think it goes far to play Beatles' songs or yann Thiersen with this little hand "vintage" sound.
- The gameplay is very good, you can set different velocity curves. With the linear is ok on my roland rd700gx.
- Downside: unlike for example the galaxy vintage D, no real semi-pedal depressed. It can be annoying because with the pedal notes really last long, and when you release the pedal is a bit abrupt transition as I find (the galaxy are more realistic on this point took up the decay time of sound felts and dampers).
- Value for money: I would say below the galaxy vintage D for example (which offers more beaucou can set the sound), but it's a piano, however, interesting