Native Instruments Alicia's Keys
Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

Alicia's Keys, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Native Instruments.

yoTrakkz 09/11/2011

Native Instruments Alicia's Keys : yoTrakkz's user review


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Alicia’s Keys by Native Instruments is a great sounding piano synth. The piano isn’t really like a grand piano to me, it sounds more like a piano that would be in a vst but with just better quality. Native Instruments is known for bringing top quality vst’s and sound packs to the table for all of us musicians.

I ran Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys on my Windows Vista Quad Core pc. I had zero issues with it, it worked perfect. All I had to do was insert the disc make sure all of the files were saved into the vst folder where my program was and I was good to go. It worked like a charm, but keep in mind that it does use a lot of your CPU. So you may get some lagging or choppy type of sounds. Even if you are using Asio drivers you may still experience some sort of choppy and glitch like sounds.

Overall I feel like this is a great piano vst. There arent too many vst’s on the market that concentrate on piano sounds instead of a bunch of synth and brass sounds. This one is all about the piano, and them using Alicia Keys face and name on it really doesn’t have much to do with it. That was more of a sales tactic, but I feel like this is a great software that any producer needs if they are using a lot of piano in their compositions. The sounds of the piano’s are very high quality and radio ready, you wont even need to do to much eq to the sampled sounds. The price that I paid for this brand new I think was 105 and it was a great buy, especially from Native Instruments, who will keep you up to date with any upgrades and they will give you special offers on other products that they have, you just cant go wrong with this.