Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D
Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D

Ivory II - American Concert D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Synthogy.

soundcurve 02/09/2013

Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D : soundcurve's user review

«  The upscale price worthy »

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Since my purchase, and this version Synthogy 1951 Steinway became my reference (with VSL, but a notch more expensive, for a ratio difference money becomes insignificant). Although several pianos products already some years ago keep their say (TBO Sampletekk CG7 and even some Galaxy), or antecedent versions I have now surpassed Ivory, Synthogy Ivory II pianos are current successes that fall for a good time.

Because it is not enough to leave enchanted by the sound demos.

The great american rings before particularly well in any good Steinway few recent invoice. Nor should it or any at all, matter of affinity for a piano sound, or as required or what you intend for such type of prod directory '. (But with the serious ivory II interface, there still something to satisfy widely according to some style and function, and in terms of its malleability).

Realistic and dynamic sound and consistent. Excellent feel and touch sensitivity (no approximation between certain levels of dynamic typing), it is not so far from the acoustic piano ... Even very close in chipotant a bit. This is what is lacking in many samples of pianos: printing, comfort, pleasure, sensation, the game (apart from the sound quality to listen).

Without warning the TBO and CG7 of Sampletekk in offering a dynamic and feel very realistic and enjoyable for who knows (and remain in my samples), for the rest, as all fired! to opt out of Ivory II. There is the "Italian" - eg not jazz but intimate - the well known "Grand" (including a Yamaha U5 perfect for studio takes and mixes)!

Many strengths:
sensitivity and sensation to the game
sound quality and realism
malleability in the studio, audio editing and mix

No worries for me level latency requirements; gold I turn (properly) on single core 2 - duo in leopard - with a machine I admit that nickel level cash-disk etc ...) through the samples on Lacie external HDD 7200tr / min course). The processor is requested, but far from being in the red. Kontakt, it traces normal, no hitch, never had a crash.

In short, good stuff. Ya know more than play!