Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D
Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D

Ivory II - American Concert D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Synthogy.

Prodatlantis 07/22/2013

Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D : Prodatlantis's user review

«  A Steinway D to 139th ... this is a good price! »

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This piano has a great gameplay, beautiful sound, very realistic compared to playing on a real piano, if we can never replace the magic of playing on a real Steinway D, it is still much closer in!

The una corda pedal is samplée is as if there were two pianos in one. Those who play on grand pianos know that it is important to expand the palette of colors, and Synthogy did FINALLY! To my knowledge this is the only sampled piano on the market that offers the Una Corda pedal. (?)

10 years ago I bought the "Bösendorfer" at East West, very good for the time, but I was hoping to have the feeling that I have today with this piano. Much more realistic, very expressive and very inspiring!

Question stability, can play without restraint, it will not make us feel limited, which further adds to the comfort. On a mac book pro Intel core 2 duo, 4G ram, under Lepoard I am 128 buffer, an almost non-existent latency, and it runs perfectly!

I do not have the Fazioli, also went there shortly in Synthogy, but if I do not buy it, I remain attentive to their next piano, no doubt he will still be of a high quality!