Synthogy Ivory II
Synthogy Ivory II

Ivory II, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Synthogy.

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grotom 04/20/2011

Synthogy Ivory II : grotom's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for six months, I have only piano-based virtual big soundbank (QLP east / west, Steinway Garritan, VSL Vienna Imperial). It is breathtaking realism. Samples of quality, up to 15 velocity layers per note, sympathetic resonance, sustain resonance, pedal noises course etc. .. Mixed with other instrumentals I do not know how to hear that it s virtual piano solo, and even he must have a sharp ear. My favorite is the Steinway because I think it's one whose tone is changing as a function of the vélocité.Le yamaha is good if you want a more aggressive, not my thing but it may interest some. The Bosendorfer was not too sure, I don t have too stressed for I've VSL Vienna Imperial .. I look forward to the add-on piano duties.
Many settings available to customize the software to master the keyboard and his computer config .. because yes, that's quite a beast though tasty, I did have a nice 4core, 10GB of RAM, a fast hard drive dedicated for the library polyphony and reduced to 32 J have still occasionally some small crackles or other unwanted noise. No dramatic play alone but I would not live alone. I said that even when I use my pc also do everything, not just music ..
I would also appreciate samples taken further, there must simulate the reverb.
Good value if you have the following config. I would do it without hesitation to choose otherwise I'm very curious to hear what will the virtual piano in a few years because there is already really credible.