Fxpansion BFD2
Fxpansion BFD2

BFD2, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Fxpansion in the BFD series.

sw80 03/02/2013

Fxpansion BFD2 : sw80's user review

« It gives plenty of options all in a user friendly interface »

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FXpansion BFD2 Acoustic Drum Module does not use much CPU/RAM or hard disk space. It will work with a Windows system running XP, or Vista. It will also work great on a Mac computer as well if you have 10.4 OSX or higher. My laptop only has 1 GB of Ram and it worked just fine I just had to have a connection to the internet so it can be authorized (you will have to have an internet connection to authorize this product). There are a total of 32 outputs on this Module, that means that I was able to bring in plenty of external effects and plug ins from other sources.


All of the sounds are very warm and real, they are all recorded in a professional studio with amazing quality and ambiance. The hi hats sound very good and so do the crashes, they are some of the most real live sounding samples that I have heard this far.
The interface is simple to work with because it is designed with the “new” user in mind. Though I have used many other products similar to this one it was still nice to know that they have a watered down interface that is easy to start with a learn from.
There are also some very good mixing options to work with like routing, dynamics and EQ. I hae even routed audio from 16 mono outputs to other VST hosts.


There are plenty of grooves in this software, I am pretty sure there are over 5 thousand of them and they can be changed to go with whichever style of music that I am working on at the time making this software very versatile for me.
There are so many options that you have with this VST, and so many different things that you can do with it. The interface does not seem like it because it is very basic compared to other interfaces. If you take the time to understand everything or refer to the manual you will really understand how to work with this plug in and get the best possible results out of it.