Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR
Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR

dfh SUPERIOR, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack.

degrace 01/12/2005

Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR : degrace's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Really not easy to implement the prog when you're not computer specialist. I put 1 since I was able to help. As someone above.
I find the manual totally inadequate, in addition to being English.
At home, when I call the DFHS drum map, the computer crashes!


Config: 2 HDD 20 GB and 80 GB 7200 8MB cache trs. 778 MB RAM, Celeron 2.67 GHz.
The config is not stable at all at home. I use Cubase VST 5.1, and it did not work well at all at first. Instead of my config '"DFHS" (the first window) I chose "GM" (General MIDI) and it worked well. Then, suddenly, it no longer market. On cubase, "edit solo" remained posted on the sequencer and I heard a noise here and there. In short disgust.
on the other hand when it worked, no problem thanks to the RAM cache function.
Now I use Cubase SX and it works well. Except, for example to change the tempo during the song or it's messy. But it's more due to cubase ...
Some samples have a noise audible. The tom Fibes 13 'for example.
I have a bad word to say: we can not control in real time repisse microphones, one program before bouncing. It is only a function of bouncing it must act upstream. Attention to the mix. The sound quickly becomes dirty if you abuse the ambience microphones. To be used sparingly.


The price / quality ratio is excellent in terms of sound. I use the software for two months, although currently it does not work. I edit this post when I changed sequencer and downloaded version 1.3.
Because the sound is amazing, though.
The rendering is excellent. But the software is not ergonomic. Already the fact that it only works as a host of other software that requires a well-known compatible sequencer. Or is my favorite sequencer cakewalk 9 and it is not compatible. The manual is totally inadequate.