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MDrummer Updated to v2.0.7

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MeldaProduction MDrummer 2 Large
News MeldaProduction MDrummer 2 Large

Virtual Drum Sampler from MeldaProduction

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MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.0.7.


  • Rhythm system synchronization upgraded – looping, multi-bar grooves and signatures such as 5/8 should be supported now. Speed-change should be used to compensate speed difference with the host.
  • Output level meter for each drum in global mixer – this way you can find out which drums are playing and how loud they are.
  • Envelope editor now restricts point dragging to range of its neighbours for easier editing.
  • Added MLimiter even harmonics control.
  • Added gain controller for MAnalyzer and normalization mode fixed for better comparison in smooth mode.
  • MIDI filters can now select a source/target MIDI key when you select particular piano keyboard by clicking on it and play a key using your external keyboard or any attached MIDI source.
  • MIDI output filter now generates a note when you click a piano key, so that you can easily verify the attachment.
  • Corrected MIDI event editing – +2 octaves starting from –2 as defined by MIDI standard.
  • Freeze controller available for multi-selection in drum listbox.
  • Layer sample export now exports mixdown of all layers in “All” mode to export what you really hear.
  • Space key removed from some places to ease controlling VST host.
  • Equalizer vertical smart axis.
  • Selection is removed on drumset generate.

  • Fix: Crash cymbal after break velocity depending on the rhythm level.
  • Fix: SSE optimization for some rare kernel processing.
  • Fix: Eraser mode cursor for right click.
  • Fix: A few mistakes in integrated help.
  • Fix: Textual edit for some controls.
  • Fix: Downloading of larger updates caused “Invalid resource library” message when the server disconnected.
  • Fix: MSynthesizer4NN noise generator resonance slider worked in an opposite direction.

For more info: www.meldaproduction.com.
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