AlanForPresident 07/15/2012

Native Instruments FM7 : AlanForPresident's user review

« FM is cool »

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Native Instruments FM 7 is very easy to use and to understand you wont need a manual nor will you have any issues running it with your system no matter what system you have. I have ran it on macs and pc’s and have seen it work on some really old systems before. I still have FM 7 and still use it, I havent really felt the need to upgrade it, I purchased it when it first came out and have been using it every since then. I only thought about upgrading one time and that was because they had some sale going on but I didn’t do it. I am very happy with FM 8 and probably wont upgrade untill they put out like FM 11 or so.


Set up is easy and every thing is pretty much automatic, you wont have any issues installing or running it on your machine as long as you have a decent amount of ram you should be ok, if it installs correctly on your system then you wont have any issues with it freezing or messing up in the middle of your session. I have used it in about 3 different daws and it hasn’t caused a problem in any of them.


I am glad to say that I have been using FM 7 for all these years, and I have it to the point where I have all of my own sound banks now. I no longer even touch any of the presets I have all of my own presets that I have built over the years and I am very happy with them. I have even uploaded some of my presets online so other people can use them and all I get is thanks. FM 7 has worked great for me, and once you get the hang of it you will be creating your own presets too.