LinPlug Albino 2
LinPlug Albino 2

Albino 2, Virtual hybrid synth from LinPlug.

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FP User 10/31/2008

LinPlug Albino 2 : FP User's user review


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Supports automation. Nice manual. Boasts plenty of ways to get just the sound you're looking for. Low on cpu!

Price paid


Navigation is a snap. Everything's all laid out on one screen. Very easy to use and with so many options availible.


This is one of my favorite vst's to play on simply because of the phat lush sound that comes out of it. Even the presets all sound great and usually presets are useless.

I would consider this one of the top quality vst's out right now. The quality of sound and interface is top notch.


I often get sidetracked just playing around on this. If you're a vst junkie go get this demo off the Linplug site. It sounds great.

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Posted by: Esthetix (January 2-, 2005)