LinPlug Albino 2
LinPlug Albino 2

Albino 2, Virtual hybrid synth from LinPlug.

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FP User 10/31/2008

LinPlug Albino 2 : FP User's user review


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Pretty standard features found in most softsynths. Oscillators, Filters, Effects, Arpegiators, etc.. Has many presets in all categories.. Basses, Arps, Padds , Leads, etc..

Price paid


Average. To use it for presets only is a snap. Building your own sounds is easy, bt you must familiarize yourself with the GUI. There are many buttons that when pressed will display the various interfaces. For example, you may not see the arpeggiator - clicking the small 'A' button will show it while hiding the previously displayed interface.


The best! Every sound is crisp and clean even when it's distorted.

Never gave me any trouble. I can have 8 or more instances of this running with no problems.


I love it and need it. For synth sounds, this is always my first choice.

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Posted by: NFX ( 8-, 2005)