LinPlug Albino 3
LinPlug Albino 3

Albino 3, Virtual hybrid synth from LinPlug.

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industrialhz 12/30/2008

LinPlug Albino 3 : industrialhz's user review


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The facility performs without problem, no incompatibility observed in XP, either with or SX3 LIVE 7. (However, some may not be Paramtres "automatiss" with LIVE since too many problem ... due to Ableton, and not VST
Regarding the manual, I did not lay eyes on it: a synthesizer "classic", with a routing sounds and "effects" clear enough to avoid having to read anything at all in compl tion (under reserve to know the outline of the synthse)


- Main configuration, see profile

- This software works perfectly on this configuration, but also on another PC (1GB RAM, 3.6GHz, ...) o frquemment I happen to open it on a dozen tracks ... is stable.

Note however that using Time limits and reverb, although I do not albino because those accustomed to other VST Whereas increasing resource consumption ... (You should know that I work on a track 15In GENERALLY, each having at least 5 VST his office) but in this configuration, or delays rverb shows the limits of my 3GB of RAM.


- I use it for about 3 weeks (from 5 / day)
- Features that I enjoy most:
- The wealth of sounds possible (I use it exclusively electro, so I could give any advice on synthse instruments rel), and the ease of obtaining ... VST very intuitive
- Filters numerous, but mostly having a very good record, gradual, etc. ... it is the same for envelopes.
- The "glide" very effective!
- The possible modulations of sound output for me are original and varied Plutt
- No loss of sound in the very very low frequencies, it is limited by the speakers Gnrale more than software
- PRSET GENERALLY Plutt penss well, and very many ... though in the end they are used only as a working basis.
- Audio input on version 3
- The analog osc suited to the sound I seek, with a strong point of the "sub"

- Features that I enjoy the least:
- Arp limit when choosing the octave by rating (it can, however, that I do not know how to use it, I did not look too am above that seen Gnrale RULES what the cluck of synthesizers do not ... m'intresse south are the patterns for her, more efficient and more specific on the best of possible arpgiateurs)
- Mandatory use of adjuncts in a good compressor for polyphony, a parameter equalizer for precision sound, noise gate, distortion and a true ... that are not presents in the vst (which did not truly possible negatives because that can of VST synthesizers have such effects), or no real parameter (I think of ... including the distortion and the effects reveb types, like, whawha, etc ...)
- Offer the waves at the base of the synthses are quickly used to fawn "random image" in my case, very many and not necessarly easy to use in the first (but it is probably lack of practice on my part and not enough depth of knowledge in the Contents)
- Gnrateur just ugly noise to the ear, and very basic (yet very personal opinion)

- I used er ... a significant amount of VST synthesizers ago .. I only work with her, so the name would take too long.

- Report quality money: let's say for a VST and given the sounds ... its still a quality alternative to synthesizers of mid-range and whose rates are exorbitant

- After use, I would do it without hesitating choices ... sounds match my expectations (under reserve of the use of other adjuncts in vst ... but it is a Gnrale for all VST I've used). It is a very good basis for synthse, readily available and easy! I use it almost exclusively Manir with a friend of his from reFX ...

for all other information, problem or adjuncts to use, does not hesitate to contact me, I'd be delighted to help readers AF