VirSyn microTERA
VirSyn microTERA

microTERA, Virtual instrument for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from VirSyn.

public price: $9 VAT
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VirSyn launches microTERA on iPad

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The AppStore offers a new polyphonic virtual synth for the iPad, namely microTERA, and designed by VirSyn.

microTERA uses phase distortion synthesis so that you can modify the spectrum from the sound amplitude and vary the sonic possibilities. The app also offers a random patch generation function (arps).


  • Mono or polyphonic modes with up to 16 voices
  • 3 oscillators with sinus wave
  • Feedback input to add noise
  • 4 low frequency oscillateurs
  • 4 tempo synced envelopes 
  • 61 segments for envelope
  • Ability to trigger single notes or chords
  • Random arpeggios generation
  • 32 built-in arpeggios
  • Per step accent, transpose and note order programmation
  • Effect section with chorus, phaser, distortions, echo/delay and reverb
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support
  • CoreMIDI and VirtualMIDI compatible
  • Built-in recorder with metronome
  • SoundCloud and export 
  • Audio copy/paste

microTera is available for $9.99 at the AppStore. Full details of the synth can be found at


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