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Thread Edirol Hyper Canvas

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1 Edirol Hyper Canvas
I am confused and I must be doing something wrong. In Cubase SX3, I imported a midi file. I tried to use the Microsoft GS Wavetable assigned to all of the midi tracks except the drums. I was adding a VST to that track. No matter what I did, the tracks using the Wavetable were never in sync with the drum track. I thought it was the specific VST problem, so I assigned the drum track to the Roland VSC3. The same problem happened. I was told that those midi synthesizers are not very good with latency issues, so I should use a better on.

I got the Edirol HQ Hyper Canvas, but the problem is now twofold. ALL of the Hyper Canvas tracks start as piano tracks except for the drums, AND all the sounds are about an octave too low. It DOES stay in sync with the VST if I assign that to the drum track, but I need to individually go into each track and change the sound of the instrument. That gets a bit crazy.

What am I doing wrong. I have searched and searched for an answer but nobody seems to have posted a similar problem.

Hoping someone might have some help. Thanks!


PS: When I add the VST instrument, is there a way to assign that instrument to multiple tracks at the same time, rather than individually click on a track and assign the instrument?
i meet this ... all sound as piano,but the CH10 drums.

1st: Try to install VGA card driver before all the sound card driver in a white windows XP sytem.Some times which install before ,and the last will case this.I sometimes think ,this is VST itself problem, it can offen appear all the VSTi plus in many PC.So, the hard driver install maybe effectd.

2st: install Cubase3.1 berfore Neundo

in my system ,i do the two steps,and fix the VSTi problem, all VSTi can automatic load fit patchs ,and no programe change or patch select single need. The VSTi sounds like a soundcard build in MIDI synth,it worked profect!
And , it can only worked beyound Steinberg's Cubase and Neundo or other real VST hosts.

In Sonar ,it used a VST adapter to load VST plus,and in VSTi ,it dosn't work, programe can't selet patch, can't use program change systex to control the VSTi, all workd bad.All the controllers and patchs window is blank in the piano roll.

PS: Why cuase this ,i'm not sure. But i think,the VST format maybe have some problem itself. Some times the steinberg Soft also can't use the VSTi right, but the other Host can do.

At last , Every One can tell Why do this can be effect, to the VSTi Problem?
please send to SYH_999@sina.com,thanks.
I forget some thing, resolve the VSTi problem:

It would need a step 3:

Turn XP's system restore off. When install Cubase & Nuendo , a dialog will display, say system restore off , some thing can't be restore , In here choice don't inst the WINDOWS MEDIA support within the installer.

I saw , the steinberg soft have do some change to the system ,when it install Windows media addon moudle, and after that ,the VSTi will not work fine.
It 's a BUG or something else aired?