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Thread Kontact or Giga with a laptop???

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1 Kontact or Giga with a laptop???
I'm looking to get a computer based sampler in a laptop. Something I can use on gigs and in the studio.

I'm a keyboardist and my old Akai s5000 is just out of date. I'm thinking of either running Kontact with a MacG4 or Gigastudio with a PC.(some have told me a laptop PC won't be good enough to run Giga. Is this true?!) If anyone has any pros or cons on these potential setups, or any insight at all, I'd appreciate it!
First I would say that Kontakt and Giga are not the only software on the market...
But for your question, just keep in mind that for a sampler, you must have a lot of RAM memory. So, for a PC as for a MAC, try to choose a computer with at least 512Mo. The CPU power is not important if you just use a sampler. The CPU is important for digital sounbd processing.
If I where you, I would choose a PC with 512 or 1024Mo, with a Centrino CPU (you don't need a big fan on this one -> no noise, and you have 4-5 hours autonomy) with Giga, or an other sampler. It's a cheaper solution for the same result ;-)
concerning giga you have to be careful, that the laptops soundcard supports gsif (which is not really common.. especially for laptops)

i don't know whether there are actually soundcards for laptops that support gsif (actually if the drivers support it), but that you should better check
Just to add to the thread, I know Kontakt has a DFD (direct from Disk) function now which means the samples are played directly from your harddrive so they are not clogging up the RAM anymore. This speeds things up a lot. I'm using Kontakt with no complaints