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Homegrown Sounds Orgone

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Homegrown Sounds Orgone
News Homegrown Sounds Orgone

Virtual Modular Synth from Homegrown Sounds

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Astralis Orgone is a Dual Sample based Synthesizer which will run in PC VST Hosts. It is the next generation of the Astralis Range and is highly optimized with great improvements in CPU use and especially load times, says the editor.

8 months of programming has gone into making these improvements and added many new features and GUI enhancements. It is a rounded synth capable of sounds ranging from Trance Style Rhythms to Hard Leads and excels at Pads, Atmospheres and FX. Great care has been taken into developing a logical layout and many useful control features such as double click resets and CTRL fine control adjustments. Orgone can be purchased individually or as part of the Astralis Pack which entitles the owner to both current and future Astralis instruments/effects with no extra cost.

***Warning! Price is currently £25 but will soon go up to £30!***

Here is a list of Main Features:

* 2 Independent Synthesizer sections each having:
o A Sampler which uses 16/24/32bit WAVS.
o 150 wavs included.
o Filter with Low Pass, Hi Pass, Notch, Band Pass, Peak A and Peak B modes cascadable up to 8 times.
o Volume, Pan, Octave, Semi and Fine Tune controls
o Auto Levelling Drive
o Drive
o White Noise
o FX Send
o Lofi
o Normalize
o Velocity Sensitivity
o GUI Volume Envelope with up to 32 stages and repeating range.
o Zone – Limit to a range of the keyboard
o Pitch Bend Enable
o Microtuner Enable
o Glide
o Filter Range Limit
o Sample Reverse
o Sample Loop Alternate Mode
o Sample Loop Zero Crossing.
o GUI Wave Display and Overlay for visually editing Loop Points and Start Position.
o Unique Bank System for handling samples – Emulates a hardware Synth with Bank dropdown menu and a dropdown to select the sample from this bank. banks are simply folders of WAVs in the user selectable sample store location. Creating a bank is simply a case of creating a folder and putting some samples inside.

For demos and details galore, click here.
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