KarmaFX Synth [Donationware]
KarmaFX Synth [Donationware]

Synth [Donationware], Virtual Modular Synth from KarmaFX.

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pekch 06/12/2006

KarmaFX Synth [Donationware] : pekch's user review


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Install simple


I have a small base config is based on AMD Sempron with 1800MHz motherboard Basic
I'm running Ableton Live 5 as host, no prob. that side

It takes at min. screen in 800 * 600 but it should not be a concern to the extent that anyway with a resolution in 640 * 480 is not evident to the PC sound :-))
Two resolutions are available: 800 * 600 or 1024 * 768

All this seems rather stable


Modularity is top issue, you can create all kinds of sound, even includes a sampler and a modulator (graphics)
Version comes with a VST and VSTi version: so you can use it as fact or as a generator
I tried a lot dplugins VSTi for my taste freeware / donationware, it's really the top (a must-have, especially if you enjoy a search for the perfect sound for hours tweaking the settings in all very ^ sense - there's enough to make the little guys) and it is well worth the fee / dear!
For me the sound is excellent, no problem we can get a warm and deep, beats revered, tablecloths, crystal clear, but what, then paste it a compressor or other effect and is set deriere