XILS 4, Virtual Modular Synth from XILS-lab.

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Xils 4 is now available

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Xils Lab has just released the fourth version of its Xils virtual synth, following the announcement made earlier this month.

Xils 4 is based on the emulation of the EMS VCS4 unreleased prototype, to which Xils Lab added features, including the famous 256 analog polysequencer.


  • 12 Aliasing free Oscillators, grouped in 6 pairs, with WaveShaping, 3*2 Hard synchronization modes, + 2 additional Noise oscillators
  • 2 Analog Multimode Filters, Non Linear and zero delay Behaviors, with 3 Modes (12/18/24 dB) 
  • 4 Trapezoidal, looping, Envelope Generators. ( Switchable to standard ADSR )
  • 5 Polyphonic LFOs ( including 4 Oscillator acting as LFO at audio rate ) 
  • Polyphonic Ring Modulator and VCA engine 
  • Cascade Mode : Synthesizer 1 can feed Synth 2 engine inputs
  • 4 independent outputs feeding the Stereo Bus, each with one analog Lp/Hp filter 
  • 2 Programmable Joystick Vector Controllers ( up to 32+32 modulation targets ) 
  • Polyphonic Sequencer with 3 independent lines, Slew rates, 3 recording modes. 
  • Sequencer can behave as modulation source. 
  • Pitch Tracker, Enveloppe Follower, Transient, Gate, Sample & Hold Modules
  • Chorus, Delay, Phaser, Spring Reverb 
  • 6 Play modes (including Unison 2/4/6 ), Polyphonic and mono Portamento/Glissando/Legato, 2 different Keyboard Scaling, Polyphonic Aftertouch and VCA handling. 
  • Nearly 700 presets made by worldwide famous Sound Designers 
  • Preset Database Engine ( Find the right patch in a flash, create your own tags )
  • Comprehensive manual with a getting started and tutorial sections
  • More than 100 parameters mappable to midi controllers
  • More than 1140 possible connexions per patch

Xils 4 is available in 32 and 64-bit VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats for Mac OS X and Windows. It required an eLicenser or iLok USB dongle. The plug-in has a special introductory price of 149€ instead of 179€ until June 17th and you’ll receive a free eLicenser dongle as well as the Xilistic patch library for free.

Owners of Xils 3 can purchase an upgrade for 29€ during this same introductory period (49€ after June 17th).

You can also download a trial version at www.xils-lab.com.

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