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  • [NAMM] Vienna Symphonic Library at NAMM

    [NAMM] Vienna Symphonic Library at NAMM

    01/17/12 in VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Ensemble PRO 5

    The Austrian company presents their latest software innovations for integrating tools and workflow into MIDI and audio production environment.

  • Project SAM Orchestral Essentials

    Project SAM Orchestral Essentials

    12/21/11 in Project SAM Orchestral Essentials

    ProjectSAM have released Orchestral Essentials, a Kontakt instrument for debuting film composers.

  • VSL Holiday Offers

    VSL Holiday Offers

    12/20/11 in VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Imperial

    The Vienna Symphonic Library team announced their annual holiday offers.

  • Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    11/28/11 in VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of Vienna Instruments PRO 2, an update of their proprietary software sample player, tailor-made for all Vienna Instruments Collections.

  • Detunized releases Vlamba Live Pack for Ableton

    Detunized releases Vlamba Live Pack for Ableton

    11/22/11 in Detunized DTS033 - Vlamba

    Vlamba is a set of 7 Ableton devices that are based on the sounds of a bowed and plucked Viola da Gamba.

  • Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    11/08/11 in Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    Kong Audio has set free its ChineeGuZheng Classic virtual instrument.

  • ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 Updated

    ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 Updated

    10/16/11 in Project SAM Symphobia 2

    ProjectSAM released a new free update for Symphobia 2

  • DSK Music Updates Overture

    DSK Music Updates Overture

    07/06/11 in DSK Music Overture

    DSK Music has released an update to Overture, a free rompler plugin featuring classic orchestra instruments.

  • Sonokinetic Tutti

    Sonokinetic Tutti

    05/25/11 in Sonokinetic Tutti

    Sonokinetic has released Tutti - Cinematic Orchestral FX & Textures for Native Instruments Kontakt.

  • Wallander WI Orchestra

    Wallander WI Orchestra

    05/16/11 in Wallander Instruments WI Orchestra

    WI Orchestra is a full orchestral library and composition tool for iPhone and iPad.