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E-MU Proteus VX

Thread ESC Sound Bank CD installation issues- Need assistance

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1 ESC Sound Bank CD installation issues- Need assistance
Hi, i downloaded the VX software and it is FANTASTIC! It works well, so i ordered a couple of the ESC (E-mu Sound Central) CDs to expand my library of voices.

The "Old World Instruments" package installed perfectly and I am really impressed with it. The other Sound Bank package is giving me error messages however. It is the ESC "Virtuoso" Orchestral Sound Library and it installed (says it did anyway), but if i select a voice I get two messages:

1) "NT users should log on with Administrator Rights and run this application again. If problems persist, please restart your machine." [I'm using Windows7 and have Administrator rights.]

2)"One or more sample link files cannot be found. An error occured while opening one or more sample link files from the SamplePool folder. These may have been removed or renamed, or the files could be invalid."

I can't get ahold of E-Mu/Creative at all... Can anyone help me out?