E-MU Proteus VX
E-MU Proteus VX
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sle_en 10/17/2014

E-MU Proteus VX : sle_en's user review

« This thing made pop pop in the 90's.. Now it's FREE! »

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This is definitely a piece of software that you have to read the manual to. It's a little clunky and most certainly isn't intuitive, demanding that you do your homework. Once you do though, there's little difficulty.


The software works fine and is stable, but the interface is showing its age. It doesn't use many resources, despite having built in effects.


I worked in a pro audio shop in the early 2000's. This thing then came in the form of a large, expensive rackmount device and they FLEW off the shelves. SO MUCH music was produced using these things, it's unreal. Reading the reviews here, it just goes to show how people are unaware what this thing is - basically pop-music in a box. It's the king of sound modules - everything is laid on, even the effects, panning, you name it.

The software implementation does lack of course the hardware advantages of the rackmount, like multiple outputs, but for free? This is a steal. Give it a try, you really cannot go wrong with this thing for making any remotely MOR music.