E-MU Proteus VX
E-MU Proteus VX
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Pquenin 09/02/2009

E-MU Proteus VX : Pquenin's user review


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The VX Proteux installs without problem, it's just a little long.
Once installed, it can be used standalone or VST.
It seems that the plant badly VX (blue screen) on some systems with Vista and XP Pro, but strangely not all.
Standard on XP when I installed it, no worries.
Setup is simple, even optional VST (for example you can choose which MIDI CC No. 16 will be assigned to the interface controls offered on the VX, or the number of audio outputs, the VX is multitimbral ...).
The manual is really good, fairly large, but well done, clear, and makes you want to feel the VX.


My PC is running XP, 2 GB, Pentium IV 3Ghz, sound card M-Audio Audiophile 24/96.
A little old, but the VX turns nickel on it. No crash.
Like the VX is multitimbral (up to 16 instruments for a single instance of the plugin, + 2 effects per instrument, + 2 effects shared by all instruments), the CPU can become substantial. I find it generally well optimized in this regard. The bank's internal 32 MB, so the memory consumption is also correct.


I use it for 2 weeks.
What I like:
- The variety of sounds,
- The overall quality of sounds, most of the presets "sound" and can be used (of course there are the zero here and there).
- Having constantly before the 16 parameters controlled by MIDI CC, suddenly it makes you want to use our controllers MIDI keyboard.
- The overall sense of professionalism of the product (the manual describes the internal architecture of the audio engine, and it is very powerful, E-mu an undeniable expertise in the field of synthesis samples).

What I like least:
- Problems with Vista: it attaches quickly to the Proteus VX, and it is sad to know that you lose when you change the computer ...
- Options for sound editing in this version are limited VX (compared to the X2). You can change the sounds via MIDI CC 16 and the modulation matrix effects, but much of the power of synthesis remains inaccessible.
On the other hand, it can be simple, and finally efficient.
- It is limited to the internal sample bank, we can not import your own samples (yes, it is a Proteus, not an Emulator). on the other hand, you can buy external sound bank.

Overall, this is an excellent product in its field. I had hardware like the Roland MV30 or JW-50, I also soft Luxonix Ravity S's excellent, and I must admit that the Proteus VX is up.
One can draw a lot of things.

In short, this is one of the best freeware that I know.

When I see here in the forum Audiofanzine people who complain about the product and who spit on E-MU, I can not believe it. They do not realize how much work and expertise that calls for the creation of such software, besides its quality is undeniable. After this type of synthetic sounds and does not please everyone, but it does not detract from the intrinsic value of Proteus VX. E-MU thank you!