E-MU Proteus X Le
E-MU Proteus X Le
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E-MU Proteus X Le : Anonymous 's user review


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I devote myself since there is no opinion, but I still have to study the thing and I saw him later:
- I found the installation and operation capricious
- General configuration not easy interface unclear.
- The manual is tedious


- My computer configuration is poor and the rich do Proteus!
- I open two channels (when I get there) and it's over, it cracks everywhere, the CPU is full
- Performance? um what does that mean here? When it works it's not bad ....
- It is not stable, if I delete an insert on my soundcard (EMU 0404 another gas plant this one) it crashes the ASIO (Cubase) you must close and reopen the project (not pleasant hum)


- I use it since I managed to install it already is, and uh pretty disgusted I am interested only recently but it's worth
- The characteristic I like most is the quality of sounds that are quite valid, but disjointed, it's a VSTi original, unconventional, in fact quite good.
- I got it bundled free with my sound card 0404 so I'm happy, plus I bought a Xboard49 and I had three of its banks and more here worth now that's why I try to use it.
- The value for money? hey super gratos!
- You do again this choice? I did not choose but I'm glad.
Good! ^ actually it's not bad, very complicated in against a Boeing interface, all in English, especially a lot of fluff that it does not work very well, if the sounds are really interesting and quite original, but damned difficult, I account to use it very actively within the limits of my CPU because it eats a lot with cymbals such but rather against it good, original sounds and surprising I must say.
The fact is that I will try to use it regularly because I get sounds quite dynamic, complex, realistic and relatively new compared to my usual expander, can be also that I do not know yet but the master EMU ... . ooh la la what is it complicated! they do not know how simple ... ... but it is powerful when it is not planted.

Since I saw that you could download a free Proteus VX, here I seem to be exactly the same thing