Steinberg HALion
Steinberg HALion

HALion, Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from Steinberg in the HALion series.

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Mad Max 09/29/2012

Steinberg HALion : Mad Max's user review

«  Working of course! »

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First sampler functions enticing!

Installation smoothly (not need permission, just a number of seral)!
A library of more comprehensive, with samples (. Fxp) of at Wizoo provided in adequate amounts (4 cd complete, guitars, pianos, drums synths, pads ... everything is there!)

Manual from more complete (again) with explanations of general duties, said sampler detailed in action! More forward automatisantes see many commands, which can have assigned, embedded Midi CC!

Seamless integration with Steinberg sequencer (VST, SX, SL, SE ...)


Many libraries, let's talk!
A bit of everything, but not top performance for sound, and the samples Wizoo more like MIDI files, only samples of real instruments!
A little "tired" for the period, but not suitable for production arrangements for future models, but, prior to, have them work!

Pages filtering / envelopes included samples in Halion, in line with that wishes to have its parts (registered or under construction)!

View page samples read with the possibility to shorten it or rework it using the tools provided at the bottom of this page actions (creation of loops, loops sustain, all on a defined key or the extent of the keyboard ...)!

Page tuning / modulation accompanied by various sources of modulations imaginable!

Options page for imports variants of different formats (SoundFonts, Giga-Sampler ...)!

The most important page, to my eyes and ears especially, the key areas (Keyzone)! the other to shorten / lengthen / move ... etc.. All velocities of the program loaded directly into the sampler itself!

And finally, page Canal / Program Change, which allows, as its name suggests, change the channel or program during session (attention, remember to insert imports into the right channel when have change the channel from the sequencer, otherwise no sound on arrival)!


This plug m'à permits, among other things, to familiarize myself with the "other" existing formats such as SoundFont, I always use and I have also made some impressive libraries of all kinds of instruments, sounding " almost "as true or existing equipment that existed!

I would buy another well, if the Cubase accepted as such, but mine suits me and I can incorporate 16 tracks in parts, with individual outputs offered by this sampler a forgotten age!

Mad Max