Digidesign XPand!
Digidesign XPand!

XPand!, Virtual Sound Module from Digidesign.

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linn134 01/01/2007

Digidesign XPand! : linn134's user review


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Quick and easy installation on Windows XP SP2 Pro and Pro Tools LE 7 CS9.
L o there taking it head during installation of the bank's format. Dat and presets. If you do not install on your hard Systm PT is a bit galre to find the right file o place the components of Xpand!.

The configuration of the plug is very simple: he works all display resolutions automatically and rapidly charge trs.

The manual is in. Pdf If you want more information, visit the Digidesign website: Xpand! ( http://www.digidesign.com/index.cfm?navid=26&langid=2&itemid=4784/ )

For fans of FREEWARE, know that this plugin is free synthse. One catch, if the plug is tlchargeable on the site, the DAT file is not. You have to find a friend who will give you: it is 650 MB.

For some small inconvnients I give him 8 / 10. Do not forget that it is free, should not ask for the moon, even Digidesign!


On a PC muscle and well optimized for audio (such as Protools rclame) no worries, not least dsagrment. Not too gouramand in RAM, with machines that are increasingly supplied with basic 1GB of RAM is cushy.

So the hair!


Used intensively in recent days, I like the sound gnrale. This is not a plugin Native Instruments 600 euros, do not expect the strings worthy of Kontakt. But there is an excellent synth simple. Not much Settings, it's brilliantly little that can be drawn, is said to be "effective" in gnral.

A synthesis of many, its advantage is directly RTAS, no need for the wrapper. It does not Bugge, support and a lot of instances is very simple program.
A good filter, the conventional sum trs.

This is a "workstation" reading version plug samples. A nice little plugin that makes you want without prtention goter of the joys of his buddies from Digi: Hybrid, Strike and Velvet.

A good point: it is very easy to place a component in any Integrates and very easy to mix. Free Digi sign, something to please fans of LE and M-Powered.