Steinberg Hypersonic 2
Steinberg Hypersonic 2

Hypersonic 2, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg.

vanpopoff 02/19/2008

Steinberg Hypersonic 2 : vanpopoff's user review

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Simple and fast installation, no issues!
Very easy to get a grip of, almost intuitive!


No complaints in terms of performance.
Light on the CPU.


I've been using it for about six months.
The pros: comprehensive software in terms of sounds, be it vintage or modern.
The cons: the steinberg key is really tedious to install, but most annoying of all, I think, is the sounds imitating real instruments, like a piano, violin, etc.... They are really awful!
I think this plug-in has really good and really bad things. Why offer twenty sounds of dreadful acoustic pianos when there are much more pleasing freeware options. Fans of realistic sounds, don't look this way.
I would evidently not buy this product again!