Steinberg Hypersonic
Steinberg Hypersonic

Hypersonic, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Steinberg Hypersonic : FP User's user review


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This is a Softsynth, and has all the feature a softsynth can have. Only wish they gave more control over each individual patch....but the controls they give you are good enough to get the job done. They hypernobs provide settings on the fly, which prevent you from having to switch screens often. You can even created your own "COMBIS", or kits for on the fly kits when you need. I have created several stock DRUMKITS this way. Plus, it doesn't eat up resources maliciously as VST's are known to do.

Price paid

$199 (Used)

This is by far the best interface I have used in a softsynth, or a workstation keyboard. It is so easy to use it is ridiculous. The learning curve is quick, settings load on the fly, and the CPU usage is very small. The HYPERNOBS are the best part of this Softsynth, as they allow you to make quick EQ, Change of Instrument, effects, and ATTACK, RELEASE, AND Velocities. Allows for sixteen channels...all which can be linked to one another with one click of your mouse, without even going into a settings menu! What other Softsynth can say that?


The sound quality is top notch...the patches were programmed well, with different characteristics of instruments detailed....things like Piano velocity, the hardness of piano keys, the range of piano sound...etc. Love the Drums...some of the cleareast on a VST I've ever used. You barely even have to EQ!

Well, I can't rate it's durability. Quality wise, it's the best all around softsynth in my opinion. Quick load time, low cpu usage, on the fly edits, and easy links to combo instruments make this one powerful tool for any DAW. I highly recommend anyone to take a look at it.


If you can't tell already, I love this VST. Works with any program that supports VST' least the ones I've used. Combo this with Nuendo and a powerful computer, and you've got urself one bad DAW. I can now spend more time creating, and less time navigating.

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Posted by: kingartha ( 6-, 2005)