Steinberg Hypersonic
Steinberg Hypersonic

Hypersonic, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg.

DJ Henny 01/28/2011

Steinberg Hypersonic : DJ Henny's user review

« All purpose VST with some flaws. »

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The VST installed with no problems and was easy to initially configure. In my opinion this is the entry level VST of choice. Most people entering production want a plethora of sounds available to them in an instant and this VST has pretty much nearly every type of sound available. That does not mean that the quality is the best available though. The library is easily accessible through the browser and is arranged in categories for ease of use. Ths library is versatile and has a wide range of sounds available, with around 1500 presets. There is a wide range of effects available to add to each sound too, as well as quick mapping of effects to the modulation wheel.


This VST has worked pretty much all the time with Ableton and FL Studio, although it can be prone to causing crashes when certain sounds do not load correctly. I have been using this VST with FL Studio for roughly 2 years and it has been a mainstay in my music for all that time. The loading times of the sintruments is near instant, and is unbeatable by any VST i've ever used.


Overall, I find that Hypersonic 1 is a very good entry level VST plugin for anybody looking for a quick entry into production. It's accessibility is perfect for the amateur and still has sounds worthy of most productions of a veteran. The only thing I'd have against it is some of the sounds being remarkably tacky and thin, sounding almost midi. The drums are also a huge let down as they do not sound anywhere near realistic enough to be used in a real song. I would reccomend this VST to anybody looking for quick access to sounds and I would buy it still if I knew what I knew now.