Steinberg Hypersonic
Steinberg Hypersonic

Hypersonic, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg.

Rémy M. (chimimic) 07/30/2004

Steinberg Hypersonic : Rémy M. (chimimic)'s user review


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- Installation: small problem with the USB dongle, because it seems the dongle for Cubase SX Submitted dj. But After a few manipulations, it worked correctly. I then TRANSFR the license of the Hypersonic cl Cubase for not putting two cls same time.
- No problem of incompatibility not on my installation.
- Configuration gnrale: I can not really say for now, what do possdant VSTi only recently. Overall it seems pretty convenient to use, but it is true APRS have read some peculiarities. Reading the user manual is I think essential to understanding why the apparent simplicity of the product is not empty.
- The manual is quite clear, except for the installation process. This is because the procedure indicates that I did not install the product p at beginners ...


- My conf: P4 2.4GHz, Asus P4B533 motherboard, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD Systm 1 + 2 160GB HDD DDIS audio / video, Hoontech ADDA2000.
- No problem working on this conf.
- Performance: I play what I need, so no problem of this ct. But I must admit I am impressed with the limited resources demands even for a complex!
- Stabilit: no crashes since its installation.
- I t Ennu to beginners by what seemed to me a bug: a patch to reconfigure all the time "Black Hole", when reloading of any project. The disabling of automatic MIDI (the options of hypersonic) arsolu this little pb.


- Other tests: Plugsound (I also bought Volume 3 of Plugsound percussion), MachFive, Sampletank.
- Report qualitprix: I read here that the product available silent under 400 euros, I think I'm having a little (I bought 450.00). But hey, there's no point crying.
- I'm happy with this product and think it is to quickly find a set of sounds for Premire model. The multitimbral is a rel advantage. The sound quality is (as for many other products) varies selected sounds, but overall it's okay trs. The search for high quality sound trs search the products more spcialiss.
- Volume gnral is lower than average. As this is a multitimbral instrument, it is not necessarily an evil, but the addition of other VSTi more "beefy" SETTING THE demand levels rather "remote".
- Adding sound supplmentaires compatibility with GM is made possible by an update free on the site of Wizoo. I will say what I think when I have installed.
- I would do so if the choice silent again, and this product could advise those who seek a library of many sounds, accurate and quickly accessible.