Steinberg HALion Sonic
Steinberg HALion Sonic

HALion Sonic, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg in the HALion series.

Steinberg HALion Sonic 1.5.2

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Steinberg has updated HALion Sonic to version 1.5.2.


The new version introduces VST 3.5 context menu support and fixes several minor bugs and performance issues.


New features and improvements:

  • HALion Sonic supports VST3.5 context menu (from host).
  • HALion Sonic / HALion Sonic SE sub presets are now sharing a folder location with common sub presets.



  • Instability when reducing voices to 1 in Logic.
  • Instability when loading a certain presets with compressor.
  • Lost MIDI CC assignments in Logic.
  • Problem with FlexPhraser using control keys.
  • Undesired behaviour if no protection key is connected.
  • Missing key commands functionality.
  • Multiple key switch layers could play at the same time.
  • Hanging notes for retriggered notes that went out of range.
  • Hanging notes for notes triggered before the initialization of MIDI modules.
  • Hanging notes on project loading due to key range instead of a key switch messages sent by Cubase.
  • Removed Mute/Solo automatisms when triggered through automation.
  • Sphere arrows are now disabled if the sphere-QCs control layer-QCs without assignments.
  • Enhanced handling of sustain note off events to avoid missing transposed events.
  • Cross-platform compatibility of multi chain presets.
  • Problem with double note offs in certain HSO programs.
  • Instability when playing high notes that have been transposed.
  • Mono LFO synced rate works now with sample rates other than 44.1kHz.
  • The colour of result counter of the MediaBay text turns black.
  • Sub category in MediaBay does not correctly update.
  • After the 1.5 update some expression programs (Guitar Layers) didn't work correctly.
  • Pressing the transport "Stop" button of the standalone via MIDI file playback can cause a performance overflow.
  • Program change messages are not executed when received from external MIDI device in GM mode (standalone).
  • Not all MIDI CCs were correctly received in GM mode. (standalone, depending on buffer size).
  • Loading of programs after saving, followed by a rename wasn't possible.
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