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Admiral Quality L'il Poly-Ana

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Admiral Quality L'il Poly-Ana
News Admiral Quality L'il Poly-Ana

Virtual subtractive synth from Admiral Quality

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Admiral Quality has announced the release of L'il Poly-Ana and a version 1.14 update for Poly-Ana.

L’il Poly-AnaL’il Poly-Ana is the preset-player version of Admiral Quality’s flagship Poly-Ana analog model synthesizer plug-in. L’il has all of regular Poly-Ana’s sound features and capabilities, only your ability to design new patches has been restricted. But, every performance related control has been left in. The entire simulation control section as well, including Quality (CPU), Saturator and the Analog Drift feature. Plus the cutoff and resonance controls for both filters – the most popular controls for live voice tweaking.

L’il Poly-Ana comes as VST instrument for Windows only, without the effect version of the plug-in as included in the full version of Poly-Ana.

AQ designed L’il Poly-Ana for those who aren’t interested in creating their own sound patches (programs) or who wouldn’t know what to do with all those voice controls anyway. And even for existing Poly-Ana owners, sometimes you’ll just want to recall a favorite patch and would like to save some screen real-estate. L’il Poly is perfect for these situations. To your host software, L’il Poly appears, and functions, just like the regular version of Poly-Ana. All of Poly-Ana’s advanced features are still in there, like automatic MIDI guitar controller support and easy MIDI-learn.

Existing Poly-Ana license keys will unlock L’il Poly-Ana as well, so Poly-Ana owners get L’il for free. License keys that work only for L’il Poly-Ana can be purchased for the special introductory price of $39.95 until January 1st, 2009 (the normal price will then be $69.95). If you purchase L’il Poly-Ana and then later decide you’d like to upgrade to the full version you can do so for the difference in price paid, plus a $10 fee.

Changes in Poly-Ana v1.14:

  • Evaluation period reset so you can enjoy a free, week-long, fully-functional evaluation period, even if you’ve tried it before in the past.
  • New demo mode, activates after free evaluation week expires, product still works but with occasional gaps in the output and native patch saving is disabled.
  • Added new version L’il Poly-Ana, a preset player with all performance related controls left on, as well as filter cutoff and resonance controls.
  • Poly-Ana owners already own L’il Poly-Ana. But L’il Poly-Ana can be purchased alone for a discounted price.
  • Custom background images are supported in L’il Poly-Ana. Place a 409 × 224 PNG file named LilPoly-AnaBG.png in same folder with LilPoly-Ana.dll.
  • Small bug fixes and some very slight performance improvements.
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