EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion

Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion, Virtual Vocalist from EastWest.

jem.b 07/05/2007

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion : jem.b's user review


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Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion is amazing .. it's like if I had Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance or natasha atlas
in my studio ... 8 to go a breathtaking collection of sounds ... the ability to choose its mono or stereo microphones and reverbs included that are simply beautiful ... a virtual instrument to own if you urgently dressing film / pub
or just to chill out your compositions, trance, lounge and ethno ... we are used to price quite expensive but the quantum leap in quality is to go in 32/64 bit ... with all the joints imaginable a game live ...

I put 8 of 10 for no manual in the box? ... pdf with a simple dvd install 2 at the same time .. it's really easy to take control in 5 minutes .. I toured the options

small snag in +: No window when the installation asked me to install my bank on an external hard drive which is recommended in the "tips" of the website to optimize configuration and CPU .. a brief detail .. thank you .. great collection Eastwest one more time for your high-quality products


Beug few who crash the application in stand alone against by ca in Digital Performer audio unit turns nicquel

I'm working on a quad G5 (6.5 GB RAM) and using the + big preset collection of stand alone and playing with four buttons at the same time my CPU never exceeded 15% at bagging least 4 / 5% are used by the system


It is the only virtual instrument of this kind .. no need to look elsewhere